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 FreedomRO Full Client Download (October 9,2013)

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FreedomRO Full Client Download (October 9,2013) Empty
PostSubject: FreedomRO Full Client Download (October 9,2013)   FreedomRO Full Client Download (October 9,2013) EmptySat Oct 12, 2013 8:11 am

We already have our FREEDOMRO FULL CLIENT DOWNLOAD as of (October 9,2013)
and it is divided into 12 Parts...
(PS: Please don't forget to always run the patcher)

1st Part: download/upjzn8kb2jgv6o2/

2nd Part: download/9o6m9ero2661jg4/

3rd Part: download/0lhza0n3skkddf1/

4th Part: download/lpcyzuzmhkvkaec/

5th Part: download/zkw7r37fwo4tvm0/

6th Part: download/9d8ud8r7ylunaq9/

7th Part: download/uasd0mkawbdd54d/

8th Part: download/yrb90ww6h3nxqz9/

9th Part: download/g99x5cese2qjuni/

10th Part: download/p9fzeay85knrt1p/

11th Part: download/gua2dlrmluy5yd9/

12th Part: download/zg1jyycym4w2i0x/

Thank you and Happy Gaming~
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FreedomRO Full Client Download (October 9,2013)
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